Revitalizing Democracy:
Final-Five Voting

Who We Are
Georgians United is a Georgia-based, cross-partisan, non-profit organization committed to revitalizing our democracy, because every vote should count.

Making Votes Count:
An Overview of Final-Five Voting

The problem
The solution
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To restore hope in our democracy through electoral innovation designed to incentivize problem-solving and deliver results for all.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We envision a functioning Congress filled with public servants who have freedom to propose and support legislation that solves our country’s complex problems. Acting in the public interest will be a requirement for politicians to keep their jobs, not a reason for losing them.

We promote Final-Five Voting – the innovative electoral process that pairs a single-ballot, Top-Five Primary with Instant-Runoff Voting in the General Election to 1) create healthy competition, 2) incentivize problem solving, and 3) instill accountability for delivering results.

Our Strategy